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Piramidal spaceship entered the atmosphere of an unknown planet. Heredan bowl warmed to a temperature of several thousands of Celsius degrees. Deck lightly shaken.
"Reading from the outer shell" asked a tall man with the crooked nose, dressed in a black fleet uniform.
"6700 radians and rising" said one of the science officers.
Captain Nagariya Hathor San Akah Geb Ra narrowed his blue eyes. An hour earlier they found themselves on a new planet. The readings indicated that it hosts life similar to nagariyan, although at a much lower stage of development. Ra sent the chief science officer Anubis in a small scout ship, to investigate the designated landing spot. Now, as "Hathor-ankh," descended on the planet, a scout is not presented with any report.
"Commander Set, after leaving the atmosphere, please look out very carefully whether or not there are obstacles that await us. I would not get bogged down in this wilderness."
Red-haired man merely nodded his head in acknowledgment and focused on the illuminated dials used to control the ship.
"I see rocks! Rocks! Turn!" screamed the whole foul throat dressed in white man with a vague facial features.
"Ke-thoh Osiris, we just left the atmosphere"  said the captain with quiet voice "The rocks are at least three thousand feet below us. You better wear compulsory uniform and prepare for the mission."
"But I won't let your to blame me if something will turn wrong" muttered offended Osiris and left the bridge.
"We went from the atmosphere. Temperature of fourty radians and falls" announced the same scientific officer.
Whole crew gazed in silence through the glass on the growing surface of another planet. Commander Set once again moved his hand over one of the highlighted targets, directing the vehicle firmly toward the landing site.
The area to which they approached was a great desert. They soon lost sight of the larger water spots. Only one river remained, cutting sands into two parts. But it also soon dissapeared. They landed among the harsh sands. The environment was nothing special for them, rather dull and hot.
"The concentration of the oxygen?"  Ra asked.
"More than twenty percents" said the researching officer, examining a series of green and black readings.
"Prepare to descend to the surface" the captain has announced and headed for the exit.
While seven of the crew members followed Ra, a further twenty remained on board. On the way to exit the group finally caught up Osiris dressed in a black uniform. The eight-person group made up nine.
The captain stood at a fixed location. When others took positions next to him, they were transported in the lower parts of the ship. The transportation lasted less than a second. Tight doors opened automatically, and they saw the monotonous desert landscape. Without unnecessary words they crossed a threshold directly in the golden sun, putting their feet in hot sand.
"Wonderful!" expressed immediately Ke-thoh Osiris. "Of the entire planet we had just landed here, in the middle of a murderous desert, far from any inhabited settlements?"
"Isis, please calm down her husband, before I do" asked harshly female lieutenant Bastet.
"How dare you threaten us?" Isis shaked her head. She has rather aggressive make-up that always put Bastet off.
"Because your hubby works for all of us on the nerves!"
"Hubby?" said offended Osiris. "I'm Ke-thoh Osiris!"
"Enough!" the captain interrupted vigorously "Instead of arguing better let 's do something useful. For example, exploring the desert planet."
"I just had to take care of this when I was interrupted by lieutenant Bastet" boastfully replied Osiris.
He wanted to add something, but dared not, because commander Set gave him one of his meaningful gazes in the style of "another word and I diffused you for molecules." Under the influence of the red pupils burning some unnatural fire, he retreated a step back in fear and respect.
"If you finished already, I suggest to go" Ra had enough.  " Direction west."
They started quite casually going in the chosen direction. Black uniforms of the fleet very well attracted the rays of the hot, still torturing sun. Ke-thoh tried to grumble, but chose not to interrupt the silence, as he walked next to the Set, who was throwing warning glances.
Besides the already mentioned five in the team were still four officers. Lt. Apophis, of medium height man, whose whole figure was dominated by brown, engineer. Lt. Sachmet, dark blonde, who specializes in communications. Finally, two lieutenants, Ptah - nagariy for everything, and Thoth, the crazy artist and writer of logbook replacecing in this role the captain. The two were often dealt with the design of various technical innovations.
Almost-hour march through the constant gritty landscape was beginning to act at all except Set. Osiris has already weighed in on some ironical remark out at the captain, when the horizon has outlined a subtle change.
"Ideal" rejoiced Ra. "We get to our destination."
This objective was the river, they saw while landing on the planet. Slightly sped up to more quickly find themselves near the water. After the march, they wanted to cool off. When, however, they came a bit closer, they risen more important goal.
On both banks of the pristine, almost transparent water lay a primitive village of huts and dugouts, and a few huts of loosely stacked stones. Residents were almost identical to newcomers. Dressed according to the conditions, in a white skirts. Men torsos left it exposed to the action of solar rays. Communication between the two banks provided them with small, light boats with reeds and rushes.
Nagariys stopped at some distance from the village. Residents, showed a very low level of development, which corresponded to the existing arrangements. Ra decided to properly prepare for the first meeting with an alien race. Meanwhile, locals have noticed them. Men were shouting to each other and gathering together in a compact group, reinforcing the primitive spears and axes. On the other side of the river was  group getting ready for the crossing. Women and children hid in their homes.
"Your turn, ke-thoh Osiris" the last words the captain said with ironic dignity. "Go there and speak to them. Only do not say you're the only one supreme god!"
"Sure, captain" Osiris proudly appeared on the front of the group. " I will speak to them. I am a specialist from the first contact!"
While the Ke-thoh forefront ahead, the other half could not help laughing. Invariably, an expert in communicating with the natives, despite all his flaws, or perhaps because of them, could inadvertently enhance all humor.
Nine nagariyas came quite easily a few dozen metres in the direction of the village. Warrior band of savages started to meet in the middle of the road. From the eyes of the natives they could not read anything good. Osiris's deal with this coming to a tall man, who gave him up for leader.
"Welcome!" Saluted, raising his arm. "My name is Osiris, and there are my companions" has indicated crew members.
The villagers have shown no understanding of the words of  Ke-thoh. It was clear that used a completely different language. Some stared menacingly at strangers, others were whispering something to each other. It was evident that they are trying to assess what weapons nagariyas possessed.
"Set, let them show anything from your powers" Ra whispred to his first officer.
"I am your god and you have to listen to me! " cried imperiously Osiris, causing disgust at the rest of the crew. " Fall on your knees before your master!"
When his speech ended, Set used his supernatural abilities. He stood with legs apart and raised his hands up. His red eyes flashed a devilish fire. Immediately horde of dark clouds, an extremely rare sight in these part of region, has obscured the sun. The first drops of rain fell, and after them bright flash of lightning cut the air. Thunder went into the middle of a group of natives, burning them into ashes. The rest of the warriors immediately rejected the weapons and fell to her knees.
"A little brutal, but good" captain whispered again.
"Oh! I really am a god!" Cried Osiris. - Have you seen it?
He turned toward the crew, radiantly smiling. His eyes rested on the face of Set. Commander smiled ironically. Then ke-thoh realized its mistake and turned pale.
"We will go to their village" decided to Ra. When the rest of nagariyas went with - calm now -  natives, the captain remained on the back along with his deputy. "Set, I am concerned about Anubis."
"So do I. Do you want me to find him?"
"Take a small ship. You do not need anyone's help?"
"Easier for me to act alone."
"Well. I hope that you bring Anubis safe and sound."
Set returned to the vessel that was in the desert. Ra for a moment looked behind him. He knew that the commander was the most suitable person for the task. Better would have found among all nagariya fleet.
This is my story about Nagariyas, the alien race that became gods of Ancient Egypt. Hope to translate more in the future!
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Very interesting point of view. So Set is different than other Nagariya?
Smaug-the-Tremendous Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011
Yes, he is Netjer, the supernatural being that occurs once a thousand years on Nagariya.

Haha, glad you like it! ^^
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